European Settlement

The Rev James Clow was the first squatter in the area. Other pastoralists of note in the very early years were John Wood Beilby, Julius Politz, J.S.Kerr, Duncan McRae, Edward Barry and Thomas Dargon.

When the pastoral leases were opened up to closer settlement following the passing of a series of Land Acts in the 1860s, new people steadily moved into the district.

The early settlers included the following families:

In ROWVILLE: Bergin, Gill, Golding, Kelly, Row, Sheppard, Sutton, Tampe and Taylor.

In LYSTERFIELD: Barry, Battersby, Brandt, Buckley, Charsley, Dickson, Elsdon, Hyden, Lyster, Powell, Selman, Strettle and Walker.

The names Lysterfield and Rowville are derived from the Lyster and Row families.

People whose families arrived in the first half of the twentieth century include:

In ROWVILLE: Alberni, Bickerton, Crawford, D’Andrea, Dobson, Drummond, Dunscombe, Exner, Finn, Fordham, Gearon, Gibb, Hicks, Hill, Kellett, McIntyre, Manley, Masterton, Raymond and Seebeck.

In LYSTERFIELD: Asling, Bailey, Broughton, Coad, Coggins, Coster, Daniels, Desmond, Dicker, Donelan, Foy, Gaskett, Gillies, Goodsir, Hayes, Hill, Hine, Hobbs, Kinrade, Knowles, Lewis, Lizza, McDougall, McQueen, Moore, Newton, Pearson, Pitson, Reynolds, Simpson, Stewart, Taylor, Thomson, Toms, van Brummelen, Walker, Watson, Williams and Wright.